Friday, October 21, 2011

The Epilogue

After prayer and consideration I have decided, at least for the present, to discontinue posting at this blog due to lack of traffic. It is my intent to re-post and continue to post the ideas presented here on my other blog Mike Erich the Mad Theologian in an attempt to present them to a larger audience. I intend to leave this blog intact and would ask anyone interested in learning more about what is presented here to visit my other blog.

Now the point of this blog was to explore the possibility of connecting Calvinism and Charisma. Based on that I would like to summarize what I have tried to say here.

We need to realize that God is in control and we can trust Him with the problems in our lives. see, see, see

Growth in Christ is a process and not the result of following a particular formula. see, see, see

God does do miracles today, but He does them according to His will. see, see, see

There is demonic influence in the world today, but it must be put in perspective. see, see, see

The miraculous spiritual gifts still exist today, but they are given according to God's will. see, see, see

I would conclude that, while the supernatural still happens today, it is dependent on God's will and is not, in the final analysis, something we can control.

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